International Implantology Certificate - Diploma

Training & Education

Delegates who have completed the certificate course may progress to the Cambridge Academy of Dental Implantology's Diploma by submiting 3 mentored cases of treatment successfully carried out in their home country.

Upon completion of the 'certificate' course delegates may progress to the Academy's Diploma. This requires the delegate to succesfully complete 3 clinical cases in their own country using a suitable local colleague as a mentor.

Each delegate can choose to either use a local mentor who is already accredited by the Course, or to nominate a colleague to act as the mentor.

If a delegate wishes to nominate a colleague as their mentor, the colleague will need to be approved by the Course. The mentor will need to satisfy the Course requirements for experience and knowledge in Dental Implantology.

The mentor will assist in the treatment planning and oversee the treatent execution. The mentor will assess the delegate's competency in all aspects of each case. Once the mentor has signed the case off as competent, the case can then count towards the Diploama requirements.

*Financial arrangements, fees etc need to be agreed between the mentor and the delegate as these fees are not covered by the Course fees.